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Counselling...what is it and is it right for me?

Speaking to someone without any emotional ties can be very liberating as well as supportive and knowing you won't be judged enables you to be open and honest with your thoughts and feelings.  Sometimes we can get stuck in the same routine of behaviours and reactions that may have helped us when we when younger but perhaps not so much now, however, we still keep making the same mistakes and don't know how to change. By exploring and challenging our thoughts, we can change the behaviours and when we understand  why we think like we do, we can choose to react differently, more appropriately and to our benefit.

Counselling isn't an easy option: it is challenging, emotional and a commitment. Problems can feel they are getting worse for a short while because you are focussing on them more than normal, however, that focus enables you to process what's happened and movement forward can take place.

We work with what you want to bring or what you decide is your goal or target. My role is not give advice or tell you what you should / shouldn't do ... this is your life, you're the expert. I am here to facilitate your process and help you find where you want to be.

You will receive empathy and understanding in what you bring. I am a counsellor who incorporates both a humanistic person centred approach and my further training of CBT (Cognitive Behaviour Therapy ) into my work. I find a mix of both approaches; understanding how the issue arose and the impact, as well as focussing on the thought processes behind it, can really help you move forward in understanding yourself better and therefore, living a more contented life.

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