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Sarah Quirke

I came in to counselling after suffering a trauma. Accessing a counsellor to help me process and manage my feelings was of such benefit that I decided to retrain and become a counsellor to offer the same experience that I had received. I am an experienced, professional Integrative Counsellor, Supervisor and Trainer. I work with all age groups and offer short term and long term , face to face, telephone and Skype counselling. I am an Accredited member of British Association of Counsellors and Psychotherapy and adhere to their Ethical Code of Practice.  I have Enhanced Debarring Background Check as well as Public Indemnity Insurance. I have experienced many of life's difficulties both professionally and personally. I offer a confidential, empathic and non-judgemental service which is led by you and what you want to focus on.



Your Emotional

Lives are busy, stressful and traumatic at times. It can be easy to lose sight of what we want or how to get to where we want. I believe we all have the answers in us, we just struggle to access or make sense of how we are feeling, thinking and behaving. Counselling enables you to really explore these areas in a way that lets you challenge your usual responses and reactions but in a safe, contained, confidential and non-judgemental way. The focus is only on you and what you want to bring to the session.


Working 1:1 enables a trusting, respectful relationship where you, the client, feel safe to share and open up to your feelings, thoughts and behaviours. Then we can,  together, explore your world and its difficulties.

My role is to help you challenge and question your thought processes to check out that you are thinking in a way that is helpful and appropriate for where you are in life now.


Often we react to a situation in childhood that continues through to it still helpful? Is there another way? Can we check that out? etc. You will receive complete confidentiality, support, and non judgemental understanding. I will listen to you, not give you advice or give my opinion, or tell you what to do; this is your life and you know yourself better than anyone.

I might ask you to keep a diary or fill out information at times if I feel it will help move you and your process along; with your full agreement. Sometimes we need to be able to look at things with a different perspective in order to move forward; our usual ways of coping aren't effective any more, so together, let's find new ways that are effective and appropriate.

I offer


Children &


As a parent it can be difficult to understand that your child is struggling with something and that they may need specialist help, but often children don't want to worry their parents and prefer to talk to someone outside the family where they don't have to fear upsetting someone close to them. Teenagers often like an independent person who is not involved in their lives in any other way eg; School.


The range of issues can include:

  • Bereavement / Loss

  • Anger

  • Parents separating / family relationships

  • Friendship difficulties / relationships in general

  • Anxiety

  • Self-Harm

  • Depression

  • Sexuality

I use a range of tools and strategies to help the process, such as: drawing, diaries, sandtray, figures, role plays and challenges.

The service is confidential and I do  not discuss with parents what has been said in the sessions. You would of course, be told of any major concerns I might have and what appropriate steps or referrals, if necessary, would need to be taken. Sometimes it may be beneficial for the session to be opened up to parent(s) with the full permission of the child. Sessions usually last 50 minutes. I now only work with children aged 12+.


Couples come to counselling for a range of issues. All relationships go through difficult times and getting support to steer through can be very helpful. To have time to reflect equally on the relationship and to be facilitated by someone who is totally neutral and not invested in any emotional way can help to see one another's point of view.

Some couples come once the decision to split has happened, in order to work through amicably the way forward.


Others may have a particular problem that they cannot find a way through together, constantly arguing or going round in circles. counselling can interrupt that cycle and see the issues in sharper focus. we can break the issues down to more manageable sizes so they don't become all consuming.

Whatever the reason, you will receive complete independence and neutrality, I am not here to take sides; you are both my client and are as equally in need of time, support and understanding.

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